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Adobe & Apple TV+ team up to highlight women behind 'Luck'


Adobe is partnering with Skydance Animation and Apple TV+ to highlight some of the women that were crucial to producing animated film "Luck" — and inspire future generations of creativity.

As part of the partnership, Adobe and Apple are releasing a series of new remixable Adobe Express and Photoshop templates inspired by the Apple TV+ film and some of the creatives who worked on it.

Additionally, Adobe also released a three-part video series highlighting four women who worked on the animated film, including Director Peggy Holmes, Visual Development Artist Christine Kim, Story Artist Clarisse Chua, and Director of Animation Yuriko Senoo.

The remixable 'Luck' templates for Adobe Express and Photoshop.
The remixable 'Luck' templates for Adobe Express and Photoshop.

"From their individual journeys as creators, to the importance of female representation in the film industry, each of the women also emphasize how they've overcome barriers and created their own luck," the company wrote.

Additionally, Adobe is also set to hold a new "Find Your Voice" mentorship program that will give five women an opportunity to work alongside Holmes and other Skydance Animation creatives and receive hands-on experience in character design and animation.

More information about the partnership and mentorship program is available over at Adobe's website.

Apple has been heavily marketing "Luck" with a website takeover and other partnerships with companies like insurance provider Lemonade.