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New leak says 10th-gen iPad has moved camera to the side


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The tenth-generation iPad front camera could shift position, with a screen protector seemingly indicating it may be better positioned for landscape use.

Apple has continually placed its front-facing camera in the middle of the top edge of the iPad, sitting at the top of the display when held in portrait orientation. If an accessory is to be believed, that camera may have moved to another edge.

In a Tuesday tweet by serial leaker "Majin Bu," photographs of a screen protector for the "iPad 10 (2022)" are displayed, with a small notch-like cutout in the middle of one of the longer edges. The change "suggests that the camera will be moved horizontally," according to the leaker.

This is not the first rumor about a camera shift. A report from August claimed Apple was shifting that front-facing camera to a side edge, among other changes like a shifted Home button.

The change in positioning was also proposed in September 2021, albeit in relation to the iPad Pro.

Shifting the camera to the longer edge would mean users will experience a change in how they use their iPad for communications. Currently, the camera is at the top of the screen when in a portrait orientation and to the side when in landscape, but this would switch around if the camera moves.

It's not going to be long before we know if the leaker is correct about the camera. Early on Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased an iPad update, at the same time as the Apple Store going offline.