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Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak visit Kumamoto Japan

Apple CEO Tim Cook outside Kumamoto Castle

Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of Marketing Greg Joswiak took a trip to the Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan, to visit students and landmarks.

Cook and other Apple executives tend to go on PR tours of different countries to reinforce Apple's commitment to a program or enterprise. The recent trip to Japan marks Cook's second major outing since the coronavirus pandemic began.

"Great to be back in Japan," Tim Cook tweeted. "Visited the historic Kumamoto Castle and learned about their work to restore this incredible landmark."

The photo featured above shows Cook, Mayor Onishi, and a castle tour guide standing in front of Kumamoto Castle lit up against the night sky.

SVP of Marketing Greg Joswiak went along as well, paying a visit to the Prefectural University of Kumamoto. He highlighted how students are using Apple products to create apps.

Cook's previous outing brought him to the UK and various locations throughout Europe. He spoke in various interviews and attended different events.

It's not yet clear what the travel plan is for the pair, nor specifically why they are in Japan.