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Tim Cook's Japan tour continues at Sony iPhone camera facility

Tim Cook touring a Sony facility [Twitter/@Tim_Cook]

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and SVP of marketing Greg Joswiak are continuing their tour of Japan, visiting a Sony facility and taking a look behind the scenes at the iPhone camera sensor's provider.

Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak are representing Apple's management on a trip to Japan, on a typical PR tour of companies connected to the iPhone maker. Late on Monday, Cook's Twitter account offered details of the latest stop of the international journey.

Continuing from Monday's image of a visit to Kumamoto Castle, Cook posted another photo, this time from Sony's Kumamoto operations. "We've been partnering with Sony for over a decade to create the world's leading camera sensors for iPhone," tweets Cook, before thanking Sony's team for the tour around its "cutting-edge facility."

Cook later made the standard visit of an Apple Store location, picturing himself among staff at the Ginza storefront.

A few hours later, Cook posted another, this time visiting Konami. Referencing Frogger and eSports, Cook proclaims "a great video game pushes the boundaries of innovation, technology, and creativity."

Joswiak retweeted the image, adding "Japan's gaming culture is legendary and we're excited to have games from the creators at Konami on Apple Arcade and App Store."

While it is unknown how long the executive trip will last, it is likely to feature a few more stops. On a previous trip to the UK and Europe, Cook attended a number of events and took part in interviews, which he is likely to also do in Japan.