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Belkin has a Continuity Camera MagSafe Mount for monitors now

The Belkin iPhone Mount fits on desktop monitors

Continuity camera uses the iPhone camera as a Mac webcam, and Belkin is now offering a new MagSafe mount for monitors.

Belkin offers a MagSafe iPhone mount for Continuity Camera already, but it is built for attaching to the thin lid of a MacBook. The accessory maker has a new model available for desktops like the Studio Display.

The Belkin iPhone Mount for Mac Desktops straddles the top of a desktop display and attaches to an iPhone via MagSafe magnets. An iPhone 12 or newer with MagSafe can attach in portrait or landscape orientation.

The MagSafe puck can sit vertically or be adjusted down by 25 degrees downward. The base also has a spot to attach it to a tripod via a 1/4-inch screw.

The Belkin iPhone Mount for Desktops is available exclusively from the Apple Store, but it cannot be ordered as of the time of publication. It is priced at $29.95 and will likely be available for purchase soon.