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Doubtful rumor has M3 MacBook Air coming out by late 2023

Apple could bring M3 to MacBook Air sooner than expected

A new and questionable report suggests that Apple's next MacBook Air running the M3 processor is coming in the second half of 2023.

The MacBook Air was only just refreshed during WWDC 2022 in June, but rumors are already pointing to a chip update before the end of 2023. That would make it the fastest upgrade cycle of an Apple Silicon Mac since Apple began the transition in 2020.

The report originates from Digitimes, which briefly mentions that the supply chain was focused on ramping up production of the next MacBook Air. It would run the M3 processor, which will be built on the newer 3nm process.

There are numerous reasons to be skeptical of this report. Not only does it not align with Apple's usual schedule, it comes from a source that has missed the mark on very nearly all of its reports regarding Apple's scheduling and product lineup for the last five years.

First, Apple has only just announced its mid-tier M2 processors, the M2 Pro and M2 Max. That leaves the M2 Ultra before Apple will even consider moving on to its third-generation M-series processor.

TSMC may have begun 3nm chip production, but it is likely that the processor being produced is for the iPhone 15 lineup due in fall 2023. Unless Apple finishes revealing its entire Mac lineup running M2 processors by the summer, a fall M3 announcement seems unlikely.

Prior to Apple's MacBook Pro refresh, rumors pointed to a 15-inch MacBook Air being announced at some point in 2023. Nothing indicates that Apple would use the M3 processor in this machine. In fact, most rumors point to the M2 or M2 Pro for the larger laptop.

Finally, Digitimes seems to have a faulty source. Their "industry sources" previously told them that the MacBook Pro refresh would be delayed later into 2023, which didn't happen.

The source has also reported things like a colorful 27-inch iMac going into production in 2021, mislabeled the Pro Display XDR as a large iMac, and even called an upcoming Apple TV a new Mac.