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Apple employees face reprisals, possible termination over return to office policy

Return to office policy enforcement continues to escalate

Apple reportedly escalates enforcement of its return-to-office policies by tracking badge records to ensure in-person attendance three times a week.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most companies to embrace work from home, even Apple. Since risks surrounding the virus have decreased, and vaccines are readily available, the corporate world has been pushing for a return to office — but not without some resistance.

According to a tweet from Platformer's Zoe Schiffer, which was first reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is tracking in-person employee attendance via badge records. Those who do not come in three times per week are given escalating warnings.

While it isn't a direct policy from Apple, some organizations within the company say failure to comply could result in termination, reports Schiffer.

This news comes only a week after a report about Apple seeking various cost-cutting measures. While the company isn't targeting mass layoffs similar to Facebook, it is leaving positions open after an employee departs.

That means if an employee is terminated due to failure to comply with the return to office mandate, Apple has one less employee to pay. However, since termination due to a failure of compliance isn't an official Apple policy, the company is unlikely to use this as a serious cost-cutting measure.

Employees have been vocal about the return to office policy and Apple's relaxing of COVID-related safety policies. They see these policies as a potential health hazard that lacks understanding of how work from home has improved productivity and morale for some departments.