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Apple TV+ considering bid to stream UK soccer

A Soccer Ball

UK Premier League soccer matches could be shown on Apple TV+ starting in 2024 as Apple is reportedly considering a bid for the high-profile games.

There have been rumors of Apple looking to bid for Premier League football before. However, they've appeared to be almost dubious as a claim that Tim Cook personally wants Apple to buy the Manchester United team.

Now according to Bloomberg, Apple is seriously considering making a bid for the rights to stream UK soccer. While neither Apple nor representatives of the Premier League have commented, the publication cites unnamed sources familiar with the discussions.

Specifically, the rights being considered would see Apple TV+ streaming Premier League matches within the UK, and at least some lower-league games, too. There's no word of whether a deal would allow Apple to show the sport worldwide, as it is doing with America's MLB.

The rights to stream UK soccer will be up for auction from 2024. According to UK trade magazine Broadcast, the rights are currently split between Sky Sports, BT Sports, Amazon Prime Video, and the BBC.