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Netflix Games may come to TVs, use iPhone as a controller

Netflix Games

A report suggests Netflix is working on a feature that will bring its games to smart TV platforms and could enable players to use their iPhones as a controller.

Netflix Games launched in 2021 with little fanfare since. The selection offers a variety of games, some inspired by Netflix properties, others seemingly random.

According to a report from Bloomberg, code within the Netflix app reveals that Netflix Games could soon come to TV sets, and the iPhone could act as a controller. So far, games have only been available on smartphones and tablets.

Using the iPhone as a controller isn't a new concept. Apple changes the Apple Remote app into a simple game controller for select titles on Apple TV, and anyone who has played JackBox Games will be familiar with the idea.

It isn't clear how this feature will be implemented. In our experience, digital buttons and analog sticks on a phone display you're not looking at are less than ideal.

Find a list of available Netflix Games on the help page.

The Netflix Games concept isn't too distant from Apple Arcade, which costs $5 per month or is included with Apple One. Customers who pay for a Netflix subscription get access to the games via their login.