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iPhone users in China can customize their transit cards for Earth Day

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As Apple prepares to celebrate Earth Day, it may let iPhone users in China customize their transit cards with art.

Apple honors Earth Day yearly in its products and services and sometimes introduces new features. For example, in 2022 it included 25 new guides in Apple Maps to help users find activities in nature.

Spotted by @aaronp613 on Twitter, one of the features that the company reportedly plans for Earth Day 2023 includes customized transit cards for Chinese iPhone users. Code snippets include, "Customize your transit card with unique 'Made in iPad' designs."

They include transit systems in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou and may include other networks. A picture included in the tweet shows nature-themed illustrations with transit lines, likely as a way to show how they can be an alternative to cars and trucks.

Earth Day is on Saturday, April 22, an annual event demonstrating support for protecting the environment. Apple will likely announce more Earth Day initiatives in the next week.

On Thursday, for instance, it announced a commitment to have all of its batteries use 100% recycled cobalt and other materials by 2025.