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Unionized Apple Store seeks pay raises, customer tips

Apple still hasn't updated this aging image of Towson

The Towson, Maryland Apple Store that unionized is entering negotiations again, with workers seeking the ability to accept customer tips.

Apple Towson Town Center in Maryland was the first Apple Store to unionize. Other stores have attempted to unionize but haven't made much progress beyond a store in Oklahoma City.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Maryland Apple Store will enter negotiations with Apple again on Wednesday and Thursday. The usual pay increases, more vacation time, and other perks are here, but one proposal includes the ability for customers to tip.

"We realize that this is a negotiation, and these are initial proposals," the union said in a statement. "Our goal is and always has been to bring back an acceptable contract for the membership to ratify."

The proposal calls for as much as a 10% raise for some employees. Also, a $1 per hour bonus for employees that become first-aid certified.

The union is also seeking overtime pay that is doubled after an 8-hour shift or 40-hour work week. Weekend work would also earn increased pay.

Another demand is for higher pay over a larger slate of holidays. They also seek to extend paid bereavement leave from 10 days per occurrence to 45 days max per year — including for pets and close friends.

Finally, the customer tip change. Workers want to give customers the opportunity to tip at checkout at 3%, 5%, or a custom amount.

"This will allow thankful patrons the ability to express gratitude for a job well done without any obligations," the union wrote Apple. "All monies collected through this manner would be dispersed to members of the bargaining unit biweekly based on any hours worked."

Apple has participated in union-busting efforts since Apple Stores have begun seeking to unionize. Apple Towson Town Center is among only a couple of stores currently negotiating with Apple.