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Apple Park faces WGA strike on first day of WWDC

Apple Park

The Writer's Guild of America will be making its presence felt by Apple, with it continuing its strike action at Apple Park on Monday, the same day as Apple's WWDC keynote.

Monday is a big day for Apple, with it presenting to developers around the world its next wave of operating systems and technological advancements. However, not all who are paying a visit to Apple are doing so with pleasant intentions.

In a continuation of its month-long strike action, the WGA will be heading to Apple Park to protest the iPhone maker. Deadline reports the WGA is holding an "Apple Day of Action" on June 5, targeting Cupertino as well as Apple Stores in five other cities across the United States.

Rather than an actual picket at the storefronts, the WGA and its allies will be handing out leaflets at the locations.

The strike is a result of the writer's union and the Alliance for Motion Pictures and Television Producers failing to negotiate a new contract between writers and studios. The WGA seeks fairer pay for writers, as well as protections to make writing a sustainable profession.

The WGA's justification for the action is because Apple TV+ is a growing streaming service that relies heavily on teams of writers for its programming. A picket has already affected the production of the workplace comedy "Loot," after strikers turned up at a mansion used for filming the show in early May, with "Severance" also affected by strike action.

Given that Apple's WWDC presentations are pre-recorded affairs, it seems unlikely that the WGA's presence will be felt by anyone watching the stream, unless Apple reintroduces live elements. It is likely that a number of guests who will be attending on-site events will be aware of the strike activity at Apple Park, but probably won't make much of an impact on Apple's overall plans for the day.