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Apple paying out $0.24 per-share dividend on August 17

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Following Apple's latest earnings report edging out Wall Street predictions, the company's board of directors has authorized a new cash dividend for shareholders, payable in mid-August.

Apple on Thursday announced its latest quarterly earnings, raking in $81.8 billion over the fiscal stretch ending July 1. Now, the board of directors has declared a cash dividend of $0.24 per share for the company's common stock.

The company confirmed that the cash dividend is payable on August 17, 2023, to all shareholders of record as of the close of business on August 14.

Apple's fiscal third quarter is typically relatively quiet, even when the company does rake in $81.80 billion. That's a one percent drop year-over-year, down from the $82.9 billion the company reported in 2022. All told, the company confirmed it's an earnings per share of $1.26.

The iPhone had a weak stretch, seeing a 2% decline from last year with its $39.67 billion. However, Apple saw yet another surge from Services, which includes Apple Music, Apple Fitness+, iCloud, and more. According to the company, Services raked in $21.21 billion in revenue, jumping up 8 percent from last year.

Following Apple's official quarterly earnings report, the company will follow up with a conference call to offer more details.