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Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts pairing process and other details revealed

Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts

A code sleuth has found new details about how Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts will need to be set up and paired, and the process is a little involved.

Apple Vision Pro is a tight fit, so users will need to get prescription lenses to use the device without glasses. These lenses attach magnetically, but there is a pairing process within the software too.

According to an X post thread from code sleuth @M1Astra, Apple Vision Pro Optical Inserts will need to be paired and there are a few steps to getting this done. The poster goes on to share a few code snippets to show how this process might work.

Here are basic summaries of the kinds of pop-ups that could appear during Optical Insert setup:

  • Restart Apple VisionPro with Optic Inserts installed, have a code or order confirmation ready
  • Enter the passcode to enable Optic ID with the newly inserted Optical Inserts.
  • After a test to verify the user can look at a set of dots, the user will need to look at the pairing code.
  • A warning could appear stating that incorrectly installed or dirty Optical Inserts will affect input accuracy.
  • Setup may ask for what inserts are being used or to find Optical Insert pairing code in the Health app.
  • Setup may ask the user to ensure no Optical Inserts are installed before setup.
  • Users can choose to continue setup even if issues are detected.

These prompts were provided by the X user in no particular order in a thread. It seems some have to do with the initial pairing process, while others may hint at user switching and changing out Optical Inserts.

Whatever the case, Apple Vision Pro obviously needs to know exactly what Optical Inserts are being used in order to calibrate properly. Just like setting up a VR headset for different users, it won't be as simple as taking the headset off one person and putting it on another.

User @M1Astra has posted a few other threads about discovered code referencing Apple Vision Pro, like how the headset is intended for users over the age of 13. Another set of snippets discusses how Spatial Persona is in beta, which means it may not make it to the initial visionOS release.

Apple Vision Pro will be available for purchase in early 2024 and costs $3,499. Developers are currently building apps for the product and can attend in-person labs to get help directly from Apple.