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iPhone SE 4 to inherit iPhone 14 battery, according to rumor

Another tidbit of information about the iPhone SE 4 has made it out of the rumor mill — this time, it's about the battery.

Apple's most predictable, least exciting, but still necessary product has been getting more rumors recently as it approaches a 2024 or 2025 release. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo flip-flopped on the iPhone SE 4 development cycle earlier in 2023, eventually suggesting it would arrive as a "minor modification to the iPhone 14."

An anonymous source speaking to MacRumors shared another tidbit about the impending iPhone SE 4, which aligns with what Ming-Chi Kuo shared previously. The iPhone SE 4 is expected to borrow a lot from the iPhone 14, and the new rumor specifically calls out the battery.

Prototypes being built and internal documents suggest the iPhone SE 4 will use a battery designated A2863. That's the same battery used in the iPhone 14 and represents a big jump in capacity over the existing iPhone SE 3 battery.

The iPhone SE 3 battery is rated at 2,018 mAh, while the iPhone 14 contains a 3,279 mAh battery. The higher capacity and newer chipset should drastically increase overall battery life.

Previous rumors suggest the iPhone SE 4 will have an Action button, a USB-C port, and otherwise be nearly identical to the iPhone 14. If it is released in late 2024 or early 2025, those features and specs would likely be old enough to justify use in a budget model.

This rumor falls in line with what Ming-Chi Kuo has previously shared, so we've rated it as likely despite the anonymous and unverifiable nature of the source.

The current iPhone SE is the last Apple smartphone sold with Touch ID. If the rumors prove correct, the new design, Face ID, and OLED display will be a significant upgrade for the $429 device.