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Beeper Mini developers say fix is 'coming soon' for iMessage Android app

Beeper Mini

The development team behind Beeper Mini has promised a fix for its iMessage on Android app, with work underway to try and regain access to Apple's messaging network.

Within days of its introduction, the Beeper Mini Android app was seemingly blocked from accessing Apple's iMessage network. In the face of blocked access, the company behind it is now fighting to regain it.

In posts to X first reported by Engadget, Beeper is working on a fix that is "still in the works." The fix itself is apparently "very close, and just a matter of a bit more time and effort."

Beeper says that it has deregistered phone numbers of users from iMessage so they can still receive text messages, albeit as a dreaded green speech bubble to iOS users. However, as the iPhone messages app "remembers" the blue bubble status for between 6 hours and 24 hours before returning to SMS, Beeper warns "it's possible that some messages will not be delivered during this period."

Beeper adds that it will be extending the seven-day trial by one additional week due to the interruption. That reset won't be applied until Beeper releases the fix, the developers state.

On Saturday, an update to Beeper Cloud enabled a connection to iMessage once more, albeit not to all accounts, and not to Beeper mini itself.

If Beeper Mini is fixed to work once more, it may face a similar issue in the not-so-distant future. With Apple keen to keep iMessage to only its own ecosystem of devices, this may result in a security arms race between the trillion-dollar iPhone maker and developers wanting iMessage to work with Android.