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Apple Vision Pro has 16GB of memory, potentially 1TB of storage

Watching Spatial Video on an Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro may be equipped with 16GB of memory at launch, code exploration has uncovered, with storage for the mixed-reality headset potentially able to reach as high as 1TB.

Apple announced that it will be bringing the Apple Vision Pro to consumer hands from February 2 in the United States. While Apple hasn't revealed many of the configuration options for the headset yet, some details have apparently surfaced via Xcode.

According to MacRumors on Tuesday, the release of Xcode 15.2, which includes support for developing visionOS apps, has references to the Vision Pro bearing a total of 16GB of unified memory. This is apparently the same amount Apple included in its Vision Pro development kits.

The press release announcing the pre-order and release date did mention that the starting price of $3,499 will include 256GB of storage, but only alluded to higher capacities. Similar searches within Xcode seems to indicate that a 1TB capacity will be available.

Again, this apparently correlates with the capacities offered in the developer kits.

Full configuration options for the headsets won't be officially confirmed until January 19, when Apple opens up preorders in the United States.