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How to delete apps from the Apple Vision Pro

You can delete many apps easily in visionOS, and that includes Keynote

Declutter your Apple Vision Pro by removing apps you don't want or need anymore. Here's how to delete apps from the visionOS interface.

At some point in a device's lifetime, its owner will want to remove some apps. Any smartphone, tablet, or electronic item that lets users install applications inevitably has an option to uninstall them too.

It's the same for the Apple Vision Pro. You can install apps from its own App Store, but you can also remove apps from the headset too.

Why delete apps?

Users may have a few reasons to remove apps, from the Apple Vision Pro or from pretty much any smart device ever. For a start, it could be that they installed an app from the App Store, didn't like it or it didn't do what they wanted, and the user wants it gone from view.

Sometimes an app is used but it falls out of favor of the user as they move on to another one. At that point, the user doesn't want to have it occupying storage capacity.

Especially for entirely new devices like the Apple Vision Pro, there is the tendency for users to install many apps so they can do as much as possible with the headset in a short space of time. In many of these cases, the apps may not get used frequently enough to warrant keeping installed long-term.

There's also the problem of storage, in that while you can get the Apple Vision Pro with hefty 1TB and 512GB capacities, there's also the smallest option which is 256GB. With application installations and the growing collection of user data in the form of images and video recordings, it's possible that the smallest capacity could force users to be more selective about what to remove.

The last main reason is for organizational purposes. With the limited number of apps you can view on each page of the Home screen, it can be quite difficult to track down the app you want to use, so reducing the number will make finding apps easier.

The actual process of app deletion is reminiscent of the process on an iPhone or iPad, albeit with a new and different control scheme within visionOS.

How to delete apps on an Apple Vision Pro

Go to the Home View of the Apple Vision Pro. To do this, press the Digital Crown.

Look at the app you want to remove, then perform a pinch and hold gesture.

Tap Remove App.

To confirm, tap Delete.

What apps can be deleted from the Apple Vision Pro

By default, you can delete any third-party app you install to the Apple Vision Pro from the App Store.

Most of the apps built into visionOS cannot be deleted, but Apple does make an exception for two of them. You do have the option to delete Keynote from the Apple Vision Pro, as well as Encounter Dinosaurs.

Deleted apps can be reinstalled to the headset via the App Store.