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You can reset the Apple Vision Pro passcode in visionOS 1.1 beta

Optic ID is the main authentication system in visionOS, but passcodes also exist.

The first developer beta of visionOS 1.1 solves an unexpectedly pressing issue for some Apple Vision Pro users, as it allows users to reset their headset's passcode.

Owners of the Apple Vision Pro have already discovered there's little they can do to recover their headset if they forgot their passcode, under visionOS 1.0. But, in the code of the visionOS 1.1 developer beta Apple has apparently included a solution to the problem.

Users who forget the passcode were stuck either sending the Apple Vision Pro to Apple or vising an Apple Store to reset it, as there was no mechanism to do so themselves. The issue reportedly caused a lot of calls to Apple Support about the problem.

In the first visionOS 1.1 developer beta, released on Tuesday, code spotted by 9to5Mac allows users to erase all data from their Apple Vision Pro, in cases where they forget their unlock code. This is somewhat similar to the Apple Watch, which can be erased if the device passcode is forgotten.

A notification states "This Apple Vision Pro is in security lockout. You can wait and try your passcode again, or you can erase and reset this Apple Vision Pro now."

Though the Apple Vision Pro will be wiped, users still require their Apple ID authentication information to reactivate the headset post-erasure.