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Apple gradually releases new firmware for the AirTag

An Apple AirTag

Apple has started to roll out a brand new firmware for the AirTag, making it the first update for the compact tracker since October.

The latest firmware, version 2.0.73 and build number 2A73, will be eventually introduced to all AirTags worldwide, but with a typically slow rollout.

Much like the last update, only a small percentage, close to one percent, will get the update on the first day. Higher percentages of AirTags will be allowed to download and install the firmware over the course of several weeks.

For the previous update, build number 2A61, the rate of the rollout meant that all AirTags were allowed to download the firmware four weeks after its October 31 introduction.

Apple has yet to reveal what has changed with the firmware, but due to the relatively limited utility of the AirTag itself, it is most likely a bug fix and performance improvement update.

Users are unable to force the update onto the AirTag, as it will be installed automatically once their AirTag is within Bluetooth range of their iPhone, running iOS 14.5 or later.