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Apple Vision Pro's first new immersive video in months is 5 minutes of old soccer clips

2023 MLS Cup Highlights

Four short immersive videos are available for Apple Vision Pro users, and after nearly two months on the market, a fifth has arrived in the form of a five-minute MLS ad.

Apple Vision Pro can play 180-degree 8K 3D video that takes over the wearer's vision. These are called immersive experiences and are a technical achievement.

However, that technical achievement may also be an Achilles heel for the platform if it's slow or difficult to produce. More immersive content is absolutely on the way, but Apple Vision Pro owners have noticed that the scant library hasn't grown since the February 2 debut.

Approaching two months later, the first new addition to Apple's immersive video library isn't a new episode of one of the four existing experiences. Instead, it's a five-minute highlight reel of the MLS Cup that took place in December 2023.

The MLS Cup video is spectacular and exemplifies how the future of sports and immersive content will be transformative. But that was already expected — content built for Apple Vision Pro is amazing.

Those who purchased the Apple Vision Pro on launch day expected the product to have a slow build-up as content and apps are built for the platform. However, no one could have guessed that Apple would have so little content two months in, and there's no sign of more in the near future.

A front view of the Apple Vision Pro glass. Icons for three immersive experiences are shown within.
Apple Vision Pro immersive video

As was said in our one month Apple Vision Pro review — Apple needs to evangelize or outright pay for content. Otherwise, content creators don't have much incentive to build for a platform with under a million users.

The sizzle reel, still available in the Apple Vision Pro TV app, showcases multiple episodes of the coming immersive experiences. But if it takes three months to put together a five-minute highlight reel, a full episodic documentary could take years at this rate.

WWDC 2024 is coming, and with it, visionOS 2. There will likely be announcements related to Apple Vision Pro's content library and apps at the event — at least, we can hope so.