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Adobe Express mobile app for iOS ships with Firefly generative AI smarts

Adobe Express on iPhone gets Firefly

The Adobe Express mobile app is now out of beta, with iOS Creative Cloud users now able to access the design tool with Firefly generative AI elements.

Adobe Express is the creative suite's simplified design tool that lets users quickly create flyers, posters, and documents with little effort.

On April 18, the new Adobe Express mobile app exited beta and became available for iOS. Additions this time around include Adobe pushing the use of Adobe Firefly, its generative AI tool.

A screenshot showing multiple app windows with photo editing and AI generation tools, including a photo of a man watching dogs and pastries on a tray.
Left: Text to image, Right: remove objects

Adobe's AI elements are already available through the web version, and have been since August 2023. This change now expands its availability to the mobile app.

The Text to Image tool can create a new look for projects by generating new images based on prompts. Likewise, Text to Template will allow users to create a prompt that is interpreted into a fully-editable template.

Image editing changes include Generative Fill to insert, remove, or replace items within an image, using Firefly to create or cover up elements of the image. Quick actions are also available for edits, resizing, and removing backgrounds for images and video, or even to trim a video with a single click.

Video also benefits from templates that can combine clips with images and music, and also animations. Real-time generation of captions are available in over 100 languages.

Editing options for video include a timeline, the trimming of layers, and the option to support 4K video footage.

Once you've created your images and videos, Adobe Express also includes a content scheduler, which can preview and publish creations to TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Adobe's use of Firefly for generative AI imagery is the latest push by the creative suite company to make it easier for users to use. In February, Adobe introduced a "purpose built" version of Firefly AI for the Apple Vision Pro.

The Adobe Express app on iPhone could also help the company fend off competition from design tool rival Canva, which acquired photography and design tool maker Affinity in March.