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Nano textured OLED iPad Pros, crushing pianos, and Apple's AI push on the AppleInsider Podcast

iPad Pro with M4 announced during Apple's 'Let Loose' event

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On this week's episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, you hosts discuss the "Let Loose" event where Apple revealed a new iPad lineup, the M4 processor, and new accessories.

Apple surprised us all with an M4 processor in a set of iPad Pros, but it seems people were more surprised about an ad crushing various instruments into an iPad. There are new iPad Air models, including a 13-inch option, upgraded iPad Pros, an aluminum Magic Keyboard, and Apple Pencil Pro.

The tandem OLED display and optional nano texture option has seen a lot of discussion since the announcement. People are concerned about the display's durability and feel, but hands-on experiences suggest it feels like normal glass.

Your hosts discuss what they ordered and what they're most excited about trying with the new products. There is a sense that WWDC will contain more surprises for iPad, but we won't find out until June.

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