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Topic: Adobe

Adobe CEO dismisses Steve Jobs' comments on Flash as a 'smokescreen'

04/29/2010, 03:04 pm

Responding to a public letter issued Thursday by Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen said he believes that any crashes of Flash in Mac OS X are not related to his software, but instead are the fault of "the Apple operating system."


Steve Jobs slams Adobe Flash as unfit for modern era

04/29/2010, 09:04 am

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs published a lengthy letter Thursday, detailing his personal stance on Adobe Flash, declaring that the Web format was created for the PC era, but that it "falls short" in the mobile era of low-power devices, touch interfaces and open Web standards.


Adobe previews GPU acceleration support for Flash in Mac OS X

04/29/2010, 08:04 am

Adobe this week issued a preview release of an update to its Flash Player, code-named "Gala," which allows for H.264 video hardware decoding in Mac OS X 10.6.3, placing less emphasis on a computer's CPU.


Apple strikes back at Adobe, says Flash is 'closed and proprietary'

04/21/2010, 05:04 pm

In a rare public comment, Apple's public relations department responded Wednesday to criticisms from the project manager for Adobe Flash, suggesting his recent criticism of Apple was "backwards."


Adobe abandons development of Flash-to-iPhone porting software

04/21/2010, 10:04 am

A change in Apple's developer agreement has caused Adobe to halt development of technology that allows Flash applications to be ported natively to the iPhone and iPad, though it will still be included in the forthcoming Creative Suite 5.


Adobe slips mobile Flash Player 10.1 to second half of 2010

04/18/2010, 05:04 pm

After mounting an intense attack on Apple for not supporting Flash on its iPhone OS mobile devices, Adobe has admitted that it will not be able to ship its promised Flash Player 10.1 for mobile platforms until the second half of the year.


Blogger insists Adobe will sue Apple over CS5 iPhone app tools

04/13/2010, 07:04 pm

A security blogger cited unnamed sources to claim that Adobe has plans in place to sue Apple over its decision to block the use of Flash Professional to create iPhone apps.


Adobe introduces Creative Suite 5.0

04/12/2010, 07:04 am

Adobe on Monday formally announced Adobe Creative Suite 5, the latest release of its design and creative workflow software that delivers full-version upgrades to all of the company's flagship creative tools in order to offer workflow enhancements to designers and developers.


Steve Jobs defends Apple's changes to iPhone developer agreement

04/11/2010, 02:04 pm

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs allegedly responded via e-mail to a developer who expressed his unhappiness with changes to the developer program license agreement for the iPhone 4.0 software development kit.


Adobe evangelist lashes out at Apple over iPhone 4.0

04/09/2010, 06:04 pm

Changes in Apple's iPhone 4.0 developer agreement have sparked passionate outrage from a Flash evangelist which was so intense that Adobe redacted some of his blog comments.


Apple highlights iPad-ready, Adobe Flash-free Web sites

04/01/2010, 04:04 pm

A number of major Web sites have prepared their content for Saturday's launch of the iPad -- in part by embracing HTML5 video -- and Apple has highlighted a number of them.


Brightcove converts Time, NYT Flash video to HTML5 for iPad

03/29/2010, 10:03 am

Brightcove's partnerships with The New York Times and Time magazine will allow HTML5 to seamlessly replace Adobe Flash video content on the publications' Web sites for compatibility with Apple's iPad.


Publishers criticize Apple's anti-Flash stance

03/26/2010, 03:03 pm

Members of the media have expressed disagreement with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' position that ditching Adobe Flash is a "trivial" move for publishers.


CBS tests HTML 5 video for compatibility with Apple iPad

03/25/2010, 08:03 am is currently testing HTML5 video playback for streaming episodes of its TV shows, signaling that the major U.S. broadcast network aims to be iPad compatible before Apple's new multimedia device launches.


Adobe to officially unveil Creative Suite 5 for Mac April 12

03/23/2010, 08:03 pm

Adobe on Tuesday revealed that its forthcoming Creative Suite 5 package for graphic, video and Web design professionals, including the debut of Photoshop for Mac as a 64-bit application, will be unveiled on April 12, and will ship about a month later.


NPR, WSJ plan Flash-free Web sites for Apple iPad

03/16/2010, 03:03 pm

In addition to new App Store software, National Public Radio and The Wall Street Journal also plan to create specific versions of their Web sites completely devoid of Adobe Flash for iPad users.


Flash, HTML5 comparison finds neither has performance advantage

03/10/2010, 03:03 pm

A comparison of streaming video via the Adobe Flash and HTML5 formats with numerous different browsers on both Mac and Windows produced wildly different results based on the operating system and browser, making neither a clear winner.


HP attacks Apple iPad over Flash, ARM expects 50 new tablets in 2010

03/10/2010, 10:03 am

As HP attempts to push its own Flash-playing slate PC over the Apple iPad, one ARM executive said he expects more than 50 tablet-style devices to be introduced this year alone.


Condé Nast plans for iPad, but is caught in Apple-Adobe Flash fight

03/01/2010, 09:03 am

Magazine publisher Condé Nast revealed this week it will create iPad versions of Wired, GQ, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, but not all of the publications will receive full interactivity due to the ongoing dispute between Apple and Adobe over Flash.


Steve Jobs calls Flash a 'CPU hog' in meeting with WSJ - rumor

02/18/2010, 03:02 pm

In a recent meeting with officials from The Wall Street Journal to pitch the Apple iPad, Steve Jobs allegedly and unsurprisingly had harsh words for Adobe Flash, calling it "old technology."