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Topic: iPhone 3G

Apple suspected in new deal for PowerVR graphics in multi-touch devices

09/04/2008, 02:09 pm

Apple is believed to have extended a deal with Imagination Technologies that will see graphics cores from the chipmaker situated in future multi-touch devices for years to come.


AT&T wireless networks go down on East Coast

09/03/2008, 12:09 pm

AT&T's wireless data services experienced a meltdown earlier this morning, leading to widespread 3G and EDGE service outages across the broader North East and other parts of the country.


RBC says sub-$100 "iPod phone" market up for Apple's taking

09/03/2008, 10:09 am

Apple could announce sales of more than 4 million 3G iPhones at its media event next week, according to investment bank RBC Capital Markets, which also suggests the company may be looking into a low cost "iPod phone" to build on its momentum.


Apple, AT&T sued for over-saturating 3G network with iPhones

09/03/2008, 08:09 am

A San Diego-based lawsuit filed late last week alleges that Apple and its carrier partner AT&T have knowingly oversold iPhone 3G, promising fast speeds only to see a glut of customers bog down the network with devices that themselves are flawed.


O2 UK sets pay-as-you-go iPhone 3G prices, launch info

09/01/2008, 01:09 pm

O2 has removed one of the barriers to wider iPhone 3G adoption in Britain with news on Monday of when and how it will offer its Pay & Go prepaid service for Apple's cellphone.


Apple may be working with AT&T on iPhone tethering plan

08/29/2008, 10:08 am

Apple is discussing with U.S. wireless carrier AT&T the possibility of offering iPhone 3G users the option to purchase an additional data plan that would allow the handset's 3G connection to be shared with notebook computers.


iPhone 3G finally reaching supply and demand balance

08/29/2008, 08:08 am

After more than six weeks of almost constant iPhone 3G shortages, Apple is finally known to be getting a grip on its retail supply and has virtually every model in stock everywhere.


Apple: iPhone security holes, contacts lag, GPS quirks to be fixed soon

08/28/2008, 04:08 pm

A third software update for the iPhone 3G due next month will fix a broad assortment of problems and security issues that users have reported with the handset, say company spokespeople and a pair of alleged emails from chief executive Steve Jobs.


Behind the iPhone Software 2.0.2 fix to reduce dropped calls

08/28/2008, 03:08 am

The recent iPhone 2.0.2 software update addressed a problem with the iPhone 3G's power control that was causing dropped calls, according to a new report.


Why Apple keeps its iPhone 2.0 SDK under NDA

08/28/2008, 03:08 am

Apple's insistence on keeping iPhone 2.0 development under strict non disclosure agreements is frustrating efforts in the development community to share ideas, teach classes on iPhone development, and print reference books on the subject.


Repeat tests show iPhone 3G doesn't suffer from faulty hardware

08/27/2008, 09:08 am

After lab results demonstrated that the iPhone 3G's antenna actually functions normally, critics complained that the tests didn't represent their own experiences. So the tests were performed again on two phones that had been experiencing severe problems for some users; the verdict was the same: no hardware problems found.


Apple iPhone ad banned in UK due to "misleading" claims

08/27/2008, 08:08 am

Advertising regulators in the UK have ruled that one of Apple's iPhone television commercials mislead customers and ordered it banned from further broadcast.


Orange admits to capping 3G speeds in France

08/26/2008, 10:08 am

Following an uproar on the part of disgruntled iPhone customers, French wireless carrier Orange will reportedly raise an unpublicized cap on 3G download speeds next month.


New BlackBerry suffering same 3G connection drops as iPhone

08/26/2008, 07:08 am

Cellular access woes initially pinned on the iPhone 3G's particular hardware now appear likely to be thwarting the BlackBerry Bold's debut with AT&T, according to a new report .


Study points to network weakness as source of iPhone 3G woes

08/25/2008, 04:08 pm

The results of an informal study of iPhone 3G users worldwide are in, and they suggest that problems with 3G networks -- not the iPhone's hardware -- are the source of a growing number of complaints about poor reception and download speeds.


iPhone Software 2.1 to stifle open source copy-and-paste effort

08/25/2008, 12:08 pm

An open source project aimed at bringing universal copy-and-paste support to Apple's iPhone has hit a major roadblock due to security-related changes in the next version of iPhone software, according to the group's organizers.


iPhone 3G sales hampered by Windows Mobile

08/22/2008, 07:08 pm

Sources within Apple's retail stores report that sales of the iPhone 3G are being slowed down by handhelds running Microsoft Windows Mobile/WinCE. That's because the stores have been selling new iPhones to customers using the old EasyPay, a problematic Pocket PC handheld computer that's causing employees lots of grief.


Russian iPhone 3G deal demands 1.8 million sales per year

08/22/2008, 10:08 am

A Russian newspaper has reported that the top three mobile providers in the country have reached agreements with Apple to sell at least 1.8 million iPhones per year through 2011.


Orange Poland shops allegedly creating fake iPhone 3G queues

08/21/2008, 06:08 pm

Not content to wait for the enthusiastic fans that greeted some iPhone 3G launches, Orange Poland is said to be paying actors to sit in line and attract genuine customers.


Apple may report unprecedented 3 million Mac quarter

08/21/2008, 11:08 am

The investment banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada said Thursday that Apple's back-to-school promotion is showing signs that it will drive the company to a record-smashing quarter in which sales of Macs could exceed 3 million.