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Archos releases new iOS-controlled smart home suite with tablet, cameras & environmental sensors

Consumers looking for an self-installed, iOS-compatible "connected home" system now have a new option from electronics manufacturer Archos, as the company's new Smart Home system has hit virtual shelves with cameras, environmental sensors, and a customized control tablet.


The individual devices, which Archos refers to as "connected objects," can be controlled either through the Android-based tablet or a companion application. The application, available on iOS or Android, works in concert with the tablet to enable remote access for the suite.

Measuring up at the approximately the same size as a ping-pong ball, Archos's Mini-Cam ships with a wide-angle lens that the company says can be used for both still and video photography through the app. A magnetic stand allows for precise angling.

The motion ball is a similarly-sized device that can detect any movement within 10 meters. In combination with the camera, the motion ball can be used to triggers an automatic recording mode only when motion is detected, saving power and storage space.


Archos's weather tag comes packed with temperature and humidity sensors, while the movement tag is a two-part device that can trigger actions when the parts are split from one another or based on the movement of its built-in accelerometer. The camera, motion ball, and weather tags are waterproof for use outdoors.

The entire suite uses low-energy Bluetooth for communication, and Archos says the batteries can last up to one year before replacement. It is unknown whether the set will eventually interface with the HomeKit platform Apple announced earlier this month, but Archos does promise interoperability with other 433 megahertz RF-based standards.

A starter pack including the tablet, two cameras, two motion balls, two movement tags, and two weather tags is available now directly from the manufacturer for $249.99. The company says more connected objects will be release over the summer and fall, including a remotely-operable smart plug that can be used to turn appliances on and off.

AppleInsider took a first look at the Archos home automation accessories at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. There, the company also unveiled a number of iOS-connected smart watches and health trackers as part of its 2014 product lineup.