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Topic: iPod touch

Apple rumored to add remote diagnostic tool to iOS for repairs

08/31/2011, 07:08 am

Users who need help fixing their iPhone or iPad could soon be aided by a Web-based remote diagnostic tool that would allow an Apple Specialist to check the status of their iOS device remotely.


Apple pulls Financial Times iPhone, iPad app over subscription disagreement

08/31/2011, 02:08 am

Apple has removed from the App Store the iPhone and iPad apps from international business paper The Financial Times after the publication refused to comply with its terms for in-app subscription payments.


Apple building 'exciting new features' for iOS location services

08/30/2011, 11:08 am

As further evidence that Apple plans to dramatically expand location services and navigation in a future version of iOS, a new job listing reveals the company is working on "exciting new features" for location-aware software on the iPhone.


Photos of alleged white fifth-gen iPod touch part emerge

08/27/2011, 09:08 pm

A parts supplier has acquired white-colored parts purportedly for a fifth-generation iPod touch, providing further evidence that Apple is moving forward with a white version of the media player.


Apple's iOS unaffected by malware as Android exploits surge 76%

08/24/2011, 12:08 am

A new study has found that iOS remained untouched by malware during the second quarter, while Android faced 76 percent more threats than in the first quarter, making it the most targeted mobile platform.


Cinemax iOS app may violate Apple's no-porn policy on App Store

08/16/2011, 02:08 am

Cinemax's newly-approved Max GO iOS app is making waves because it allows streaming of late night adult programming that may violate Apple's ban on pornography on the App Store.


Apple considering driver-free printing for OS X and iOS devices

08/15/2011, 08:08 pm

Apple in a pair of recent filings has proposed methods that would eliminate the necessity of printer drivers in order to streamline the printing process for users of its Mac OS X and iOS devices.


Rumor: Apple may hold iPod media event on Sept 7 [u]

08/12/2011, 02:08 am

An unverified report claims Apple will hold its annual iPod media event on Sept. 7 and could possibly announce the iPhone 5 later that month September or in early October.


Investors pushing Nintendo to support Apple's iPhone, iPad

08/11/2011, 11:08 am

Investors believe Nintendo should bring some of its most popular franchises, like Super Mario, to Apple's iOS platform, as the Japanese company's 3DS portable gaming device struggles against the iPhone.


Apple cracking down on non-developer devices running iOS 5 - report

08/05/2011, 02:08 pm

Apple has reportedly begun closing the accounts of some developers who have inappropriately sold their account device slots, allowing them to profit from the installation iOS 5 on unauthorized non-developer iPhones and iPads.


Nintendo to slash 3DS price by $80 as Apple gains in mobile gaming

07/28/2011, 10:07 am

Nintendo made a surprise announcement Thursday when the Japanese game maker revealed it will cut the price of its recently released 3DS handheld by $80, as competition from Apple continues to grow, and a new handheld from Sony looms.


Inside Apple's iOS 5: AirPort, Time Capsule setup goes PC-free

07/26/2011, 03:07 pm

With the release of Apple's iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad this fall, users will be able to set up their new AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule directly within the mobile operating system.


Apple releases iOS 4.3.5 to address certificate violation issue

07/25/2011, 01:07 pm

Apple on Monday released iOS 4.3.5 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, addressing a security vulnerability related to certificate violation.


Apple roadmap hints at white iPod touch but few changes in 2011

07/22/2011, 03:07 am

An update next month to Apple's flagship digital media player may outfit the device in an additional color but may otherwise represent a rather modest refresh when compared to years past, AppleInsider has been told.


Launch of Apple's iCloud could weaken market demand for NAND flash

07/19/2011, 03:07 am

Some industry players are concerned that Apple, the world's largest consumer of NAND flash memory, could cause demand for memory to dwindle with the introduction of its iCloud service.


Apple officially begins offering 7-day App Store return window in Taiwan

07/15/2011, 04:07 pm

Apple has amended the terms and conditions of its iTunes store in Taiwan, granting users a 7-day return window in compliance with local laws.


Apple releases iOS 4.3.4 to address PDF security hole

07/15/2011, 01:07 pm

Apple on Friday released an update to its iOS mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, addressing a potentially dangerous security flaw related to viewing PDF files in the Mobile Safari Web browser.


Developer frustrated that Apple grants Game Center support to pirated iOS apps

07/15/2011, 10:07 am

A game developer victimized by piracy via "jailbroken" iOS devices has expressed frustration that Apple's Game Center service is apparently fully functional for users who run stolen software.


Apple rumored to resurrect developer 'Tech Talk World Tour' for iOS 5

07/14/2011, 04:07 pm

Last held in 2009, the developer "Tech Talk World Tour" is rumored to make a comeback this year as Apple attempts to reach out developers with the launch of iOS 5.


Apple adjusts App Store exchange rates, adds business volume app purchases

07/13/2011, 11:07 pm

Apple has changed the prices in a number of international App Stores to better reflect shifting currency exchange rates, while also announcing an upcoming Volume Purchase program for App Store apps for businesses.