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MacBook Pro Retina supply improving as both models now in stock at MacMall


It will be several more weeks before Apple is expected to eliminate the backlog of orders for its new MacBook Pro with Retina display over at  its online store, but one of the company's resellers said this week it's ready to ship both models immediately with added savings.

MacBook Pro with Retina display in stock

For the first time this week, Apple Authorized Reseller and AppleInsider sponsor MacMall has inventory of both MacBook Pro Retina configurations in stock, which it's offering to AppleInsider readers at an additional 3% discount to its already reduced pricing via coupon code APPINSDRMWB33903.

Final pricing on the 2.3GHz model comes in at $2,118.48 after the instant discounts, while the 2.6GHz model rings up at $2,700.48. MacMall previously listed availability of only the 2.6GHz model, which is now also available at for $2,794.00. The 2.3GHz model remains backlogged by 2 to 4 weeks at Amazon.

Apple is having trouble keeping up with demand for its popular Retina display-toting MacBook as the company's online store still quotes a lead time of 2-3 weeks on all configurations.Shipping times have improved from the three-to-four weeks seen directly following the laptop's June announcement, though authorized resellers are showing immediate availability.

Update: As of early Saturday morning, lead times at the Apple Store have decreased to 1-2 weeks.

Rumors of 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display

While 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display stock remains backlogged, rumors have been circulating about a smaller version of Apple's hot-selling laptop after an as yet unannounced 13-inch MacBook Pro model appeared on benchmark testing logs at Geekbench. Test results dating back to June reveal a "MacBookPro10,2" model boasting Intel's a 2.9 GHz Core i7-3520M Ivy Bridge processor fueled speculation that Apple is indeed bringing Retina display technology to its smallest Pro offering.

The Geekbench scores followed a sighting on online battery test archive Mini Battery Logger which also claimed to have test results from a machine designated "MacBookPro10,2." According to the site's logs, the "10,2" machine carries a significantly larger battery than current 13-inch MacBook models with its 6580 mAh cell capacity nearing that of existing 15-inch non-Retina display MacBook Pros. The bump in power could signal the use of the power-hungry Retina display.

The "10,2" identifier is one designation higher than the "MacBookPro9,2" label Apple gave to its most current 13-inch MacBook Pro when the device launched in early June.

The price guide below compares B&H's price for each of Apple's new MacBook models with 3-years of AppleCare to Apple's pricing for the same bundle, as well as MacMall's:

Deeper discounts are also listed for most of Apple's 2011 MacBook models in the Previous Generation Mac Price Guide. Supplies on these models are limited.