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New photos of alleged next-gen iPhone show off 'uni-body' design's thinness

With the next-generation iPhone rumor mill in full swing following Apple's Tuesday special event invitation send-out, new photos have surfaced comparing the thickness of the purported handset with the current generation iPhone 4S.

One day following its publication of an allegedly leaked "iPhone 5" battery, repair site iResQ on Wednesday posted side-by-side comparison shots of the purported next-generation device and the iPhone 4S, illustrating a notable slimming down for the new handset.

If the set of images showing what is claimed to be a "fully assembled" iPhone 5 are accurate, the new device will be somewhat thinner than the existing iPhone 4S, saving much of the space by eschewing the "glass sandwich" design for a "uni-body" chassis solution. While it appears that Apple was only able to shave a couple millimeters off the supposed handset, the change is impressive given the already cramped internal design seen in the company's current model.

Source: iResQ

It appears that the metal portion of the new device is a bit larger than its predecessor, however the expected in-cell display makes up for the size increase by being snugly integrated into the phone's casing, resulting in an overall slimmer profile.

Side View

Apple is widely thought to be moving to a larger 4-inch screen, meaning the chassis should have a bit more wiggle room in terms of internal volume. The display, along with advanced wireless communications chips, will require a larger battery, possibly prompting engineers to reshuffle the component layout.

Along with the profile images, the site provided a side-by-side view of the two handsets' front faces. In comparison to the iPhone 4S, the sixth-generation iPhone is taller, however bezel, home button and speaker proportions seem to be identical.

Front Side-by-side

Previous reports point to a slightly revamped logic board with possible space-saving nano-SIM card tray, a relocated headphone jack, proximity sensor and front-facing camera, as well as a number of flex cable redesigns.

Apple sent out media invitations on Tuesday reading "It's almost here," implying the imminent debut of the new iPhone. The special event is set take place on Sept. 12 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern and AppleInsider will be providing full live coverage.