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Forthcoming book references unannounced 'Apple Aperture X'

A book scheduled to be released in March hints that Apple may be planning to release a major update to its Aperture software for professional photographers.

The unannounced "Apple Aperture X" is named in the title of a book for photographers listed on Amazon's Canadian website. Potentially lending credibility to the title is the fact that the listing also notes it is "under NDA," or non-disclosure agreement.

The book, from authors Ken McMahon and Nik Rawlinson, is scheduled to arrive on March 1, 2013. However, the date could simply be a placeholder, as the book description describes Aperture 3, the current version of the software available for purchase.

The new book will be published by Focal press and has its own ISBN numbers. The paperback title is listed as being 322 pages long. The book was first discovered on Thursday by AppleInsider reader Hugh.

Aperture 3 was released in early 2010, making the professional software now almost three years old. That update added 64-bit support and more than 200 new features, including Faces, Places and Brushes.

The name "Aperture X" would fall in line with Final Cut Pro X, a major overhaul to Apple's professional video editing software that was released last year. The release of Final Cut Pro X was enveloped in controversy, as many longtime users felt the changes to the software crippled it. But Apple has since issued a number of updates to enhance features in the software.

There have also been rumors that Apple is working on a so-called Logic Pro X for its professional digital audio and music sequencing program. Rumors earlier this year that Apple had "decimated" its pro audio team were quickly dismissed, suggesting the team remains and is at work on an update to the software. Logic Pro 9, the current major release, became available in July of 2009.