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This week on AppleInsider: Cisco link-up, Sept. 9 rumors, Apple-made TV shows & more

News was jam-packed ahead of Sept. 9's press event with Apple announcing a Cisco enterprise partnership, and a flood of rumors emerging about things like video content deals, the fourth-generation Apple TV, and a 21.5-inch 4K iMac.

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Apple, Cisco partner on enterprise

On Monday Apple announced a partnership meant to optimize the performance of iOS devices on Cisco-based networks, including phone and video communications. An office worker might, for example, be able to take the same call on their iPhone or Cisco handset.

To talk about the deal, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance at Cisco's annual Global Sales Experience event, where he sat with executive chairman John Chambers.

Apple mulls original video content

Multiple reports suggested that Apple has been exploring the idea of original video content, treading into territory now being pioneered by Netflix and Amazon. Any such efforts are believed to be preliminary and not guaranteed to come to fruition.

The company allegedly made an "audacious bid" to lure in the former hosts of BBC's Top Gear, but the trio were eventually picked up by Amazon instead.

Officials get early glimpse at new Apple Store aesthetic

A planned Tennessee Apple Store may signal the further evolution of Apple retail architecture, with traits like a granite facade, a simplified internal layout, and broader use of natural lighting. Changes in the design of Apple Stores have occurred relatively slowly, limited by the pace of openings and the need for familiarity.

Apple is continuing to use its old design in some new shops, among them high-profile Chinese locations.

New Apple TV said to cost $149, include universal search

Breaking from Apple's normal tactic of favoring iTunes content, the fourth-generation Apple TV will allegedly include Roku-style universal search, making it possible to find media across multiple providers. Users should then be able to choose how to watch.

A $149 price tag would make the new device substantially more expensive than the current set-top, which is only $69. It's expected to debut next week however with a slate of other new features, such as Siri, an App Store, and a touchpad remote.

New Apple Watch, iPad customization coming

The Sept. 9 event could also herald the arrival of new case and band materials for the Apple Watch, along with a "revamped iPad keyboard." Those bands might include new Sport colors.

One of the case materials could be a less expensive gold option. At the moment, picking a gold Watch costs between $10,000 and $17,000.

4K compact iMac rumored to ship by November

Providing a cheaper Retina option than the 27-inch 5K model, Apple is thought to be working on an updated 21.5-inch iMac with a 4,096-by-2,304-pixel display. It could be announced at an October event and ship by the start of November.

Rumors of a 4K iMac have been ongoing for a month, supported by code in OS X El Capitan.

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