This week on AI: Apple's not-so-curved 'iPhone 8,' new iPads coming soon, 4K Apple TV in testing & more

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This week we learned that Apple's "iPhone 8" may have a curved OLED screen, but not as curved as some were anticipating. Future iPads also made the news, along with possible signs that Apple is already testing a 4K Apple TV running "tvOS 11."

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Everything you need to know:

  • Apple is allegedly being conservative with curved OLED on the "iPhone 8" > >
  • New iPads could launch as soon as next week > >
  • Those iPads appear to be in testing around the San Francisco Bay Area > >
  • Apple is building two more R&D centers in China > >
  • A new Apple TV was spotted in online tracking > >
  • Russia found Apple guilty of iPhone price fixing > >
  • Famous security researcher Jonathan Zdziarski now works for Apple > >

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