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Apple nixes video glitch repair program for 2011 MacBook Pros

Apple is no longer supporting 2011 MacBook Pros as a part of its Repair Extension Program for Video Issues, according to updated support documents.

The company is still covering 15-inch Retina models of the Pro from 2012 and 2013, as long as they were bought less than four years ago, Apple said. Officially the program ended on Dec. 31, 2016, but it continues to be in effect for people within that four-year window.

The program first launched in Feb. 2015, addressing what Apple claimed was a "small percentage" of Pros with absent or distorted video, or prone to sudden reboots. Problems came to light as far back as 2013, however.

In Oct. 2014 the company was in fact hit with a class-action lawsuit, seeking compensation for faulty graphics hardware. A later online petition to Apple executives collected over 40,000 signatures.

People who qualify for the Repair Extension Program can get free repairs for video flaws, but will be charged extra for any separate fixes, or ones that have to be done before the video glitches can be resolved. Repairs can be performed by making an appointment at an Apple store or an authorized service provider, or else by calling Apple support to request a prepaid mail-in box.