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New MacBook Pro, 2019 iPhone models, Instagram, & Huawei's suffering on the AppleInsider podcast

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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, Victor is sad to inform you that Instagram leaked your information for months. William points out that at least it wasn't Facebook this time — and Victor looks at him for that just like you're doing now. In better news, Apple has new MacBook Pro models and the much-liked software developer Panic is moving into games hardware, because it can.

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and writer William Gallagher discuss:

  • Newly announced MacBook Pro! With a new version of the butterfly keyboard. Is that the fourth one? It's certainly four years since this radical redesign first came in.
  • Jamf has sponsored a survey of university students, and found that just over half of student PC users would prefer to use a Mac if they could afford one. Color us surprised. Yet there's more to this than the obvious desire for cheaper Macs and Victor examines just how Apple makes its price points and its profits.
  • Coincidentally, Victor has been investigating Macs for students, this time in schools, and has answers to the question of money plus what's the appropriate choice if you want to get a Mac instead of a PC.
  • It seems you can neither use nor talk about new MacBook Pro releases without touching on keyboards in one sense or another. The ongoing discussion about keyboard faults is certainly overblown, but this week Apple has simultaneously helped and hindered its case with how it's chosen to deal with support issues.
  • Eurasian regulatory filings revealed 7 different model numbers said to be iPhones. Victor and William try and figure out which models might be which. This is Not Easy and is Quite Possibly Pointless. But you'll try it too, you know you will.
  • Huawei is feeling the effects of the US ban on purchasing, as Google removes their license to use Android, and ARM could sever ties with them based on 'US-origin technology'. William asks about the notion that Android is open source and Victor explains just how that can be true and yet not help Huawei.
  • Instagram, owned by Facebook, was leaking user data for four months. Now it appears that same data has started popping up in databases.
  • WWDC is upon us, which means we're anticipating the new features developers get to work with! ReplayKit and HealthKit enhancements are the first sessions that have been capturing our attention.
  • Victor pivots to PANIC, and how much admiration he has for them for making PlayDate, the monochrome screened-games system with a unique crank on the side. The result is one they should be proud of.
  • Then William is a confessed FileMaker devotee so takes this chance to enthuse about the newly updated FileMaker Pro 18. Victor nods a bit, and reminisces about FileMaker's long-cancelled basic database, Bento, for a second.

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