Logitech keyboard & trackpad combo cases for iPad and iPad Air now available

The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case takes advantage of Apple's new trackpad feature for iPadOS

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The Logitech Combo Touch keyboard case for iPad and iPad Air is now available to order for just $149.

After Apple announced the new trackpad support in iPadOS, Logitech announced new keyboard cases for iPads sporting the old smart connector design. Those cases are now available for order, and can be purchased for the iPad (7th-generation) and the iPad Air.

The product's availability comes on the heels of Apple making their Magic Keyboard with Trackpad for iPad Pro available for order as well. Shipments for the Logitech keyboards will arrive Friday if ordered now.

Support for a cursor in iPadOS is a huge departure from Apple's touch-first operating system. The new feature still only works with certain trackpads, specifically Apple's second generation Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Other devices connected over Bluetooth run into lagging issues and other compatibility problems. Any mouse connected via cable or smart connector works great, however, making the Logitech Combo Touch keyboards good candidates for purchase.

Apple's iPad Pro Magic Keyboard also features a hardware connection, but costs $299 or $350 depending on the model. Logitech has not announced a similar keyboard for the iPad Pro as of yet.

Both the iPad Air keyboard and iPad (7th-generation) keyboard cost $149 and ship in one business day from Apple. Logitech states the new products are coming soon on its own website.