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'iPhone 12' may not ship with EarPods, power adapter to offset 5G costs

Credit: Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

Apple may not include EarPods or a charging brick with "iPhone 12" models in 2020 as a way of offsetting increased production costs due to new 5G components.

Rumors of the change in accessories have been swirling for months now. Back in May, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo forecast that the "iPhone 12" wouldn't come with headphones, and similar predictions have been made for the charging adapter.

Now, Taiwan-based research firm TrendForce is reporting that Apple has "decided" to ship its "iPhone 12" models in 2020 without either of those accessories.

According to TrendForce, the move is an effort to "cut costs and stabilize retail pricing." Because of the addition of 5G support — including mmWave in some models — the bill of materials for the "iPhone 12" is likely to be significantly higher than past models.

The research firm notes that the lack of accessories is expected to "help with sales performance." Kuo has previously claimed that the lack of EarPods could drive sales of Apple AirPods.

In July, AppleInsider was provided a render of an alleged box insert for the "iPhone 12 model" that depicted a lack of space for a charging brick or EarPods. The packaging could also suggest generally slimmer — and more environmentally conscious — iPhone boxes.

Apple has also been surveying some users about what they did with the AC charging adapters bundled with previous iPhones. Without a USB adapter in the box, Apple likely expects users to rely on the chargers they already have.

There have been some conflicting rumors, however. In June, a leak claimed that the "iPhone 12" would ship with a new 20W USB-C charging adapter. That adapter has also received certification in some countries.