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MacBook Pro review, what's next for Apple, and our 'secret' lab on the AppleInsider Podcast

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro

Behind the scenes of our 16-inch MacBook Pro review, what we think about the notch in the new machine, when to trust rumors, and more on the AppleInsider Podcast.

With the help of staff in a "secret" lab, AppleInsider delved deep into the 16-inch MacBook Pro earlier this week. The AppleInsider podcast goes in deep on the details, and also examines when you should concentrate on technical specs, and when you should not.

There's a lot to discuss about just physically getting hold of a MacBook Pro, too, as online preorders keep slipping, yet certain models are tantalizingly in plentiful supply in Apple Stores. It's much the same with the Apple Watch Series 7, too, and we explain just why everything is so hard to find this year.

Plus, you may not be all that concerned about the notch in the new MacBook Pro, but Apple knew some people would be very vocal about it. So they already added a workaround to macOS Monterey.

Speaking of Apple adding things, it is surely now going to pick up more subscribers to it services. Apple Music is now on the Playstation 5, and Comcast is bringing Apple TV+ to its subscribers.

That could just be enough, just about, to mean Apple isn't doomed. With having only taken in a mere $83.4 billion in the September quarter and beaten all quarterly financial records for the quarter despite having profound supply problems, it's clearly tough being Apple.

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