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Apple Stores may soon offer AppleCare+ up to a year after purchase

If a buyer needs their iPhone or Mac repaired within a year of buying it, they can now get AppleCare+ — but only to cover the cost of any later repairs.

Ten years ago, Apple added the option for iPhone buyers to purchase AppleCare+ up to 30 days after buying, instead of at time of sale. Since then it has extended it to 60 days, Apple considered making it either one or two years, and it has also stretched out the time limit to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Now a new internal Apple memo reportedly says that iPhone, or Mac, users will be able to buy AppleCare+ up to a year after purchasing the device. This deal does not, however, operate in the same way that the current 60-day window does.

Specifically, it will be offered only to Mac or iPhone users who have a problem, and get it repaired at an Apple Store, or Apple Authorized Service Provider — within a year. If the user wants to then buy AppleCare+, their device must pass a physical inspection and Apple diagnostics report.

This does not mean that their repair is then covered under AppleCare+. It means that any subsequent repair work is.

The memo was first spotted by MacRumors. It's likely that the memo was for Apple Store staff, and other authorized repairers.

It's not whether this will apply to users taking advantage of Apple's forthcoming Self Service Repair program, nor how it might work if it does.