Apple releases M2-specific macOS Monterey 12.4 update ahead of MacBook Pro release

macOS Monterey updated for M2 Macs

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Ahead of the 13-inch MacBook Pro release, Apple has updated macOS Monterey with a small revision specifically for the Apple Silicon M2 processor.

The macOS Monterey update arrives a full month after macOS 12.4 was first released to the public. However, it appears to be an updated directed at Macs running an M2 processor, which aren't available for purchase yet.

Only those with the M2 processor will receive the update. Presumably, pre-release review models are the only active M2 Macs outside of Apple.

The update uses the same macOS 12.4 version number, but it has an increased build number. It is build number 21F2092, up from 21F79.

Apple announced the M2 MacBook Air during WWDC 2022, but it still doesn't have a pre-order or ship date. The 13-inch MacBook Pro was also updated with the M2, with pre-orders beginning Friday, June 17 and orders shipping June 24.