M2 MacBook Air

M2 MacBook Air
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The M2 MacBook Air is a complete redesign from the M1 model it replaces. The tapered edge has been exchanged for a thin, flat chassis available in four colors. It also has a larger display with thinner bezels, a notch, and a 1080p webcam.

● Announced WWDC 2022
● M2 processor
● Redesigned chassis
● MagSafe, Notch, 1080p webcam
● Silver, Space Gray, Midnight, Starlight
● Price starts at $1,199

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After the unchanged M1 MacBook Air, Apple finally gave its most popular laptop a redesign. The M2 MacBook Air continues to be fan-less despite being thinner and more performant than ever.

Apple introduced a redesigned MacBook Air with M2 processor Apple introduced a redesigned MacBook Air with M2 processor

Apple also upgraded the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor during WWDC 2022. However, no other changes were made to the machine, and even the Touch Bar remained.

Though the M2 MacBook Air is fresh to the market, rumors have also begun about an up-sized new MacBook Air with a 15-inch display arriving sometime in 2023.

M2 MacBook Air features

The 2022 MacBook Air has been rebuilt with Apple Silicon in mind, thanks to the power and efficiency of the M2 processor. The design is closer to a 14-inch MacBook Pro with more curves, a notched display, and a flat casing.

Design and display

The new case design doesn't have a taper, yet it is thinner than the previous MacBook Air at its thickest point. It is a uniform 0.44 inches thick compared to the tapered case being 0.63 inches to 0.16 inches.

Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight

This makes it Apple's thinnest MacBook yet since it is even thinner than the 14-inch MacBook Pro, which is 0.61 inches thick. Despite being thinner and lighter, it has the same 18-hour battery life as the previous model.

The M2 MacBook Air is available in four colors — Silver, Space Gray, Starlight, and Midnight. Rumors suggested Apple would have more colors similar to the 24-inch iMac, but Apple kept it simplified.

The display also improved since it has thinner bezels and a notch. This allowed the display to get slightly bigger — growing to 13.6 inches from 13.3 inches.

The M2 MacBook Air has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display The M2 MacBook Air has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display

The Liquid Retina display is 2560 by 1664 pixels with 500 nits of brightness, P3 gamut, and True Tone. The larger and brighter display are minor changes overall, and users may not see a big difference across generations.

Keyboard and trackpad

The Magic Keyboard for the MacBook Air has been upgraded with full-height function keys. The Touch ID sensor is embedded in a larger full-sized key in the top-right of the keyboard.

Apple introduced the new keyboard design with the 14-inch MacBook Pro after removing the Touch Bar. The backlit keys are set within an aluminum keyboard well, color-matched to the rest of the MacBook Air.

The Magic Keyboard returns with a full-height function row and Touch ID The Magic Keyboard returns with a full-height function row and Touch ID

The Force Touch trackpad continues to take up a large expanse underneath the keyboard. Users can press into the trackpad to use features like peek-and-pop across macOS.

The M2 Processor

The M2 is the start of the next generation of Apple Silicon. It is built with 5-nanometer technology, has an 8-core CPU, and up to a 10-core GPU.

The base model M2 MacBook Air ships with an 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU. The 10-core model is $300 more expensive but is configured with double the storage — 512GB versus 256GB.

The M2 is up to 18% faster than the M1 The M2 is up to 18% faster than the M1

The CPU is 18 percent faster than the M1, thanks to more densely packed transistors in a slightly larger package. The GPU can be up to 35 percent faster when upgraded to the 10-core variant.

Apple also included the Media Engine in the M2, which was originally introduced in the M1 Pro and M1 Max. This special portion of the processor accelerates video workflows like encoding and decoding, so apps like Final Cut Pro are much more performative.

Users also get the ability to max out the M2 MacBook Air with 24GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. All of this is packed into a fan-less enclosure that weighs only 2.7 pounds.

Webcam, audio, and ports

The webcam is upgraded to a 1080p FaceTime HD camera. If that isn't quite enough, a macOS Ventura feature called Continuity Camera enables using the iPhone camera as a Mac webcam.

The notch contains a 1080p FaceTime HD camera The notch contains a 1080p FaceTime HD camera

Apple also updated the microphones to a three-mic array. This enables improved beamforming audio capture, so background noise is more efficiently captured.

There is a four-speaker sound system with Spatial Audio, so music and video playback can take on a 3D effect. The two tweeters and two woofers can make audio sound like it is coming from multiple directions around the user.

The port arrangement is nearly identical to the M1 model. There are two Thunderbolt ports, a headphone jack, and a newly added MagSafe port.

Each MacBook Air ships with a color-matched MagSafe cable Each MacBook Air ships with a color-matched MagSafe cable

The two Thunderbolt ports are on one side, support the Thunderbolt/USB 4 standard, and use a USB-C shaped port. That enables up to 40Gb/s data transfer rates.

The MagSafe port enables users to charge their MacBook Air while using both Thunderbolt ports for peripherals and docks. It is rated to fast charge the MacBook Air when connected to a power source of 67W or greater.

M2 MacBook Air Price Guide

Apple has not announced the pre-order date for the updated MacBook Air. When it becomes available for order in July, it will start at $1,199 for the base model.

Apple M2 MacBook Air in Midnight

M2 MacBook Air

Apple's 2022 MacBook Air with the M2 chip goes on sale July 8 at the following retailers:

Customers can configure the M2 MacBook Air with up to 24GB of RAM and 2TB of storage, maxing out the price at $2,499. Higher-end configurations give the customer a choice of which power adapter to include with the order, either a 35W dual USB-C Compact Power Adapter or a 67W USB-C Power Adapter.


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