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Apple lead runner for $3 billion NFL streaming deal

NFL Sunday Ticket

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Apple TV+ may soon add NFL Sunday games to its ever-expanding catalog of series, movies, documentaries, and live TV offerings.

In April, Apple expanded its Apple TV+ offerings to include "Friday Night Baseball," a live broadcast of MLB games.

Now, it seems as though the Cupertino tech giant is in the lead to add football to its catalog, too.

According to Puck News, Apple's Tim Cook and Eddy Cue met with NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell at the Sun Valley Conference in July. While there's no conformation that a deal went down between the two parties, Apple has long been said to be in the running for the deal.

Those familiar with the situation have suggested that bidding for the deal started at $2 billion, which weeded out potential buyers such as Disney, Fox, Comcast, and CBS. However, Puck News suggests that the deal could cost Apple as much as $3 billion.

It is believed that Apple paid around $85 million for the rights to stream "Friday Night Baseball" as part of a $115 million deal between it, NBC Sports, and the MLB.

Apple has also entered a partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS), making the Apple TV app the official destination for all matches and other content for a decade starting in 2023.