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iPhone 14 Pro lead times dip below iPhone 13 Pro for first time

iPhone 14 Pro

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Delivery lead times of the iPhone 14 Pro models have dipped below their iPhone 13 equivalents at this stage of release, analysts claim, while demand for the iPhone 14 remains "modest."

In the sixth week of the Apple Product Availability Tracker by JP Morgan, the Pro models of iPhone 14 are seeing lead times moderate from the fifth week's data. According to the tracker, lead times for the iPhone 14 Pro Max have leveled off to be at par with the Pro.

It is reckoned that the moderation timeline is similar to that of the iPhone 13 Pro models, despite lower supply constraints. Delivery at-home timing for the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max are 2, 2, 29, and 30 days, down from 2, 4, 32, and 34 days respectively one week prior.

Relative to the iPhone 13, the lead times are shorter for the base iPhone 14, and slightly below for the Pro and Pro Max. JP Morgan doesn't offer a comparison for the iPhone 14 Plus, presumably due to the much later release date.

In the U.S., Pro Max demands track more in line with the Pro at 32 days each, with the Pro Max previously at 39 days. The lead times for the iPhone 14 and Plus are stable at three days each, but this is well below the roughly 11 days the iPhone 13 and mini was at for the same relative period.

In China, Pro model lead times now track below the global average, at 22 days and 29 days for the Pro and Pro Max respectively. Lead times of 1 day for the iPhone 14 and Plus in China is also very low compared to the 12 days of the iPhone 13 and mini for China.

For the UK and Germany in Europe, lead times are consistent for the Pro and moderate for the Max. The iPhone 14 and Plus have next-day lead times, well below the iPhone 13 and mini counterpart times of about 11 days.

The Wearables Tracker saw a gradual moderation for the new Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra had global average lead times of 9 days and 24 days respectively, down from 11 days and 25 days one week prior, while the Apple Watch SE went from 10 days to 9 days.

The second-generation AirPods Pro have a deal time of about 2 days, a slight moderation from three days for one week ago.

On Wednesday, a note to investors from JP Morgan forecast record-breaking financials for Apple's fourth fiscal quarter, with revenue of $90 billion and an earnings per share of $1.31.