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MGG Wireless Charging Station review: You get what you pay for

MGG Wireless Charging Station

2.5 / 5

The MGG Wireless Charging Station shows that, just because the product is compatible with MagSafe, doesn't mean it's great.

MagSafe works with iPhone 12 devices or later, and allows you to connect different accessories magnetically to the back of your iPhone, The term first originated from the 2006 MacBook Pro.

Slow charging speeds make the MGG Wireless Charging Station look promising on the outside, but become a disappointment from what's on the inside.

MGG Wireless Charging Station design

The MGG Wireless Charging Station offers a basic plastic design that offers a charging stand for your iPhone, a charging puck for your Apple Watch, and a wireless charging pad — located on the base of the station — for any device that supports the charging feature.

Underneath the base is a lighting station that lights different colors depending on the status of your iPhone's battery.

  • Solid green light = station is on
  • Pulsing blue light = iPhone charging
  • Solid blue light = iPhone fully charged
  • Flashing green and blue light = foreign object detected or overheating protection

The lights only indicate charging for your iPhone and no other devices on the charging stand.

If you do not want the lights on, then there is a touch-sensitive button next to the wireless charging pad that will turn it on or off.

The whole charging station is powered via USC-C and comes with an 18w charging brick inside the box.

MGG Wireless Charging Station features

While the product advertises itself for MagSafe, that may mean that it just works with the feature, but isn't truly MagSafe charging. Every time you put your iPhone on the charging dock, it will magnetically stick and the charging will begin, but you will never see the MagSafe animation play out from it.

This may indicate that the charging dock is just a wireless charging pad with magnets around it which essentially describes what MagSafe is.

The downside of this device would be its charging speeds. While the iPhone charging speed is fine, the Apple Watch and wireless charging pad speeds are what make this charging station a true disappointment.

The Wireless Charging Station will charge your phone at 7.5W which is as-expected given that it is using MagSafe magnets, but isn't actually MagSafe. It will charge your Apple Watch at 2.5W, and the wireless charging pad only outputs 3W.

With speeds this slow for the Apple Watch, it obviously means no fast charging for the Apple Watch Series 7 and later.

It will take three and a half-to-four hours to charge your Apple Watch fully. This is not good for people in a rush or who wear their Apple Watch to sleep and charge it when getting ready in the morning.

We placed the Apple Watch on the dock when it was just below 65% to charge for an hour, and it barely made it to 100% when we got back.

The wireless charging pad worked like any other charging pad would, but when we put a pair of AirPods down on it, and then came back to check on them, they were very warm. The fault could go to either device, but it was not a good feeling to hold.

Not charging at lightning speed

The MGG Wireless Charging Station is an example of what you pay is what you get. While the price of the Wireless Charging Station may be enticing, the charging speeds you get from it will leave a sour taste in your mouth.

It is nice to be able to charge three devices at once, but with how slow the charging speeds are, it makes using it nearly horrendous when in a rush.

If you are someone who charges their Apple Watch overnight and doesn't need everything charged up super fast — or in this case, a reasonable amount of time — then this might be a charging stand for you.

For the people who wear their Apple Watch when they sleep and charge it when getting ready, or just want decent charging speeds, then you should pass on the MGG Wireless Charging Station.

Especially since the original price of this was nearly $50, it can hardly be recommended to buy. On sale, it might be worth taking a quick glance at, but definitely not at its full retail price.

What you pay is what you get, and with a cheap price tag comes cheap charging speeds.

MGG Wireless Charging Station pros

  • Cheap price (when on sale)
  • Can charge 3 devices at once
  • USB-C connection

MGG Wireless Charging Station cons

  • Slow charging speeds
  • The device gets hot when charging on the wireless charging pad. Really hot
  • Not true MagSafe

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Where to buy

You can buy the MGG Wireless Charging Station on Amazon for $42.48, but there is a 30% sale happening with it currently (making it $29.87), plus an additional 20% off coupon attached to it.