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AirTags used to uncover fraud in Turkey relief donations

An AirTag on a keyring

AirTags and Find My have revealed how items donated by Mexicans for earthquake relief in Turkey were instead resold in Mexico City markets.

In February, Apple's AirTags were used to uncover how Singapore's government was exporting and reselling sneakers that it officially collected for recycling. Now in Mexico, journalist Pamela Cerdeira has used AirTags to prove government mishandling of earthquake relief donations.

The donations were intended to help Turkey recover from its devastating earthquakes. But Cerdeira donated two items with AirTags in them, to see whether they even got to Turkey.

Neither of them did. Cerdeira sent rice and a pack of toilet rolls, but not only did they fail to reach their intended recipients, they never left Mexico.

Cerdeira monitored the progress of the items through the Find My app. Ultimately, she saw that in reality the two had been sent to separate markets across the city.

She wasn't able to get access to where her rice package appears to be, but she did get to the toilet rolls — and used Precision Finding to confirm it was her donation.

Cerdeira has documented the case in a Spanish-language YouTube video called (in translation), "The Business of Tragedy: the groceries that never reached Turkey."

An official, Oscar Gutierrez Camacho, told Cerdeira that the government had nothing to do with the items being diverted and resold. "I have nothing to do with them [the markets], but we [will] gladly investigate," he said (again in translation.)