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Another leaker asserts an iPad update is coming Tuesday

10.9-inch iPad

One of the less accurate leakers has joined the iPad rumor fray, and is claiming that there will be a minor update Tuesday despite pushback from more accurate leak veterans.

A weekend rumor suggesting iPads could be revealed as early as Tuesday, October 17, has sparked an active debate among rumor mongers. Leakers with an accurate history for predicting product announcement windows have said otherwise, but bids for a Tuesday reveal keep coming.

The latest leak comes from sometimes accurate Majin Bu, who posted about a 10.9-inch iPad update for Tuesday. The new model would be identical and have the same accessory compatibility.

We expect this reference to accessory compatibility refers to the 10.9-inch iPad's odd Apple Pencil situation. It has a USB-C port but no magnetic Apple Pencil 2 charging spot, so users must connect the first-generation Pencil via a dongle.

Majin Bu has previously shared a leak suggestion a new Apple Pencil with interchangeable magnetic tips could be coming. The leaker followed up in other posts suggesting we should all wait an see about what's coming Tuesday — not willing to suggest the new Apple Pencil is coming too.

The leaker Majin Bu has been active for some time and has a middling history for accuracy. They tend to share images first discovered on Weibo, repeat leaks from other sources, and ask that readers not take things too seriously.

The laid back approach from Majin Bu makes grading their leaks difficult, but history provides a hint. This leaker tends to get things right when they've been shared by someone else before or the leak is about an accessory — while their totally original leaks usually don't happen.

For example, Majin Bu was outright wrong about an iMessage redesign. They also shared known fake iPhone schematics plus a totally unrealistic set of Apple Car rumors.

Most recently, Majin Bu suggested that both iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Ultra would launch. That obviously didn't happen.

Tuesday morning isn't long to wait. With so many differing rumors about Apple's potential announcement floating around, it's sure to be a Thunderdome event where we learn which leakers come out on top.