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New M3 MacBook Pro box may have been leaked

The claimed new MacBook Pro box

An unverifiable source has shown what they claim is a photo of the box for a new, as yet unannounced MacBook Pro.

Apple is certain to be releasing Macs at its forthcoming "Scary Fast" event, not least given the prominent promotion of an Halloween redesign for the famous Happy Mac icon. However, there are conflicting reports over what Mac updates there could be.

An image on Chinese social media site Weibo suggests that the event is at least going to include a MacBook Pro. As relayed on Twitter/X by leaker ShrimpApplePro, the image shows a box with a typical Apple-style image of a MacBook Pro, but no details whatsoever.

The design fits Apple's previous work, and there are no obvious signs of alterations to the image. Based on the thickness of the base, it does appear to be a MacBook Pro rather than another update to the MacBook Air, though.

There are very recent rumors of an M3 MacBook Pro launching in October, but until Tuesday's about-faces, the consensus is that it would not ship until 2024. Other reports say a 24-inch iMac is coming, while analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has even claimed that the old 13-inch MacBook Pro will get a refresh.

Apple will unveil the new Mac, or Macs, at the "Scary Fast" event on October 30, 2023.