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Here are the best new devices from CES Unveiled 2024

CES Unveiled 2024

On Sunday, CES 2024 kicked off with its annual Unveiled media event that highlights various brands launching new products for the coming year. AppleInsider was on the ground for the event, and here are our favorite products to be announced.

There will be much more to see throughout CES, but Unveiled is a great start to the massive technology show. Current trends include many Qi2 devices, Matter support for vacuums, and lots of new connected devices.

DreameBot X30 Ultra smart vacuum

Dreame was at CES showing off its latest vacuum, which has a few neat tricks that aim to solve a few of the biggest pain points for robotic vacuums.

DreameBot X30 Ultra with vacuum and base station
DreameBot X30 Ultra with vacuum and base station

First, the company is offering a new add-on blade attachment that will even work with select existing vacuums. This brush head uses its built-in blades to shred hair as it is sucked up before delivering it to the dustbin.

A new optional brush with built-in blades
A new optional brush with built-in blades prevents hair tangles

According to Dreame, this new brush design will prevent 100 percent of tangles that exist today. They gave us a demo on the show floor by feeding in pet hair that was quickly swept away.

The second innovation is a new attachment for the bottom of its auto-empty docking station. It has squeegees that move and clean the bottom of the docking station so that users will never have to clean it themselves.

ExoBrew home beer brewer

Coming to the US this year is the ExoBrew home beer brewing machine. It's an all-in-one brewer that cuts out all of the mess and hassle that typically accompanies home brewing — plus it removes most of the pungent smell.

ExoBrew app-connected home brewer
ExoBrew app-connected home brewer

Users have full control over the beer they brew, choosing either a ready-to-go kit that has everything included or shopping at a local brewer supply shop and creating their own flavors.

It's powered by the company's app that walks you through every step of the process. The app is also great for beer discovery, helping you identify beers you like based on the flavor profiles you select.

Withings BeamO home checkup

Going beyond a thermometer, the new Withings BeamO is the ultimate tool for an at-home wellness checkup. This singular device has multiple sensors, allowing you to use it as a stethoscope, SpO2 sensor, ECG, and thermometer.

Withings BeamO in hand
Withings BeamO sensor

Results are displayed on BeamO's colorful LCD display and uploaded via Wi-Fi to the company's app. The app syncs through the Apple Health app like its other connected health products.

Sharing health data in the Withings app
Sharing health data in the Withings app

When doing a Telehealth appointment, you can share the tests with your doctor in real-time. If you take them on your own, you can share them with your family or your doctor, including ECG results and audio recordings of your heart and lungs.

It's currently pending FDA approval before its US rollout.

Govee smart lights

After withholding support for Apple Home for the longest time, Govee is now adding support by way of Matter. At CES 2024, the smart home brand has several new lighting products including an updated AI sync box and second-generation neon light strip.

The improved Govee neon light strip laying on a table
Gove's new light strip is Matter certified and more flexible

The Matter-enabled neon light strip has multiple addressable zones for great control, is made of a new, more flexible material, and has new clips that make it easier to shape into any picture you want.

Packaging for Govee's new sync box
Govee's new AI sync box is more powerful and supports Matter

For the sync box, it has improved AI analytics that allows it to show cool lighting effects based on the game you're playing on-screen. Instead of reacting to the colors, it is able to react to what you do, like scoring a goal or eliminating an enemy.

Ugreen NAS

Expanding its portfolio from power supplies and batteries, Ugreen is showing off its new collection of network-attached storage devices.

There is a range of devices that go from a two-bay drive to an eight-bay design. They have various ports on them, including front-facing upstream and downstream Thunderbolt 4 ports, an SD card reader, and several USB-A.

Ugreen's new 8-bay NAS
Ugreen has a new range of NAS devices

On the back is HDMI output for multimedia usage. These new drives are powered by Intel processors on the inside and are designed to be some of the fastest on the market, including 10Gb Ethernet.

Ugreen also has a more portable NAS that can hold up to four NVMe SSD modules and can double as a docking station, but it has built-in Wi-Fi for creatives on the go.

The new lineup will be available this spring.

Mui Board Gen 2 Matter controller

After demoing various versions of its products over the last two years, Mui is finally ready to start selling its second-generation wooden smart controller. It is now live on Kickstarter for backers.

Mui Board 2 showing home sensor readings
Mui Board 2 showing home sensor readings

The Mui Board 2 has a Matter certification already completed and will allow it to set various scenes or control any of your Matter devices in your home, from lights to thermostats.

It can also display different information on your smart home, such as sensor statuses, weather, and more.

J5create Thunderbolt 5 dock

There are few Thunderbolt 5 host devices on the market, and no Apple ones yet, but we saw a few docks start to show up here at CES.

Someone holding the J5create Thunderbolt 5 dock
J5create has its first Thunderbolt 5 dock it created with Intel

One of the first we ran across was from J5create. The front of the dock has an audio output, USB-A port, two Thunderbolt ports, and SD/microSD card readers.

The back has two more Thunderbolt ports, two USB-A ports, and a 2.5Gb Ethernet port.

There's no firm release date or price, but J5create expects it to be available later this year.

Xgimi IMAX 4K projector

Smart projector purveyor Xgimi has a gorgeous new device that it is showing off this year. It's a 4K smart projector that can move on its own to find the best wall and angle when set up in your home. It is able to rotate and tilt to get the best positioning.

The wooden front of the Xgimi 4K projector
The new Xgimi 4K projector is IMAX-enhanced and can rotate on its own

It's also IMAX-enhanced for exceptional picture quality when watching your content. Like Xgimi's other projectors, it supports Apple AirPlay.

Around the back, it has several ports, including two HDMI and two USB-A. We'd have preferred USB-C ports, but we still appreciate the IO.

It has a very unique appearance that matches high-end home theater systems. There are wooden slats along the front and sleek silver down the sides.

Targus Ergo Flip Mouse

Continuing its eco-friendly push, Targus has a new range of bags that are created from ocean-bound plastics. They felt great, but what struck us was its new innovation, an award-winning mouse.

Targus Ergo Flip mouse and its box
The new Targus Ergo Flip mouse works for right or left-handed users

The Ergo Flip looks like your typical ergonomic mouse, but the top is held in place magnetically. You can just lift it up, rotate it 90 degrees, and turn it into a left-handed mouse.

The magnetic top of the Ergo Flip mouse removed
The top of the Ergo Flip mouse is removable to quickly move between left and right-handed use

This is the only mouse on the market that is able to move from left-handed to right-handed so quickly. It was seamless and is great for multi-use locations where there may be left or right-handed users.

Hyper Magsafe, Qi2, & Thunderbolt 5

There were too many products on display at Hyper's booth to touch on here (but we covered them all already). Just the same, we wanted to highlight our favorite few here.

Qi2 4-in-1 stand from Hyper
Hyper's new 4-in-1 charger uses Qi2 and has fast charging for Apple Watch

Like many others, Hyper has an expansive lineup of Qi2 accessories coming to market. The one that jumped out to us, though, was an updated version of its existing 4-in-1 charger.

It has an adjustable Qi2 puck, a fast charging Apple Watch puck, and two lower Qi chargers for smaller devices. Plus, it folds in half for travel.

Hyper's magnetic SSD enclosure on the back of an iPhone
Hyper's new SSD enclosure is magnetic and has passthrough power

We also took a look at its new tool-less MagSafe SSD enclosure. This new Hyper MagSafe SSD can magnetically connect to your iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max and connect via USB-C.

There's a second USB-C PD input port so that you can power your iPhone at the same time. This could be a great solution for creators filming in ProRes format.

Hyper has its own Thunderbolt 5 dock too. It's very compact and is a slick, dark grey color that looks great in person.

Holding Hyper's Thunderbolt 5 dock
Hyper's Thunderbolt 5 dock is full of ports, including a CFExpress card reader

The back of it has two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, an Ethernet port, and two Thunderbolt 5 ports. On the front is a CFExpress Type-B slot, a full-size SD card reader, a headphone jack, another USB 3.2 Gen 2 port, and a power button.

Invoxia Minitailz smart collar

The latest version of Invoxia's smart dog collar is dubbed Minitailz, and it is much smaller than its predecessors. This means it will support more dogs than before.

Invoxia's Minitailz collar on a stand
The Invoxia Minitailz collar can detect AFib, monitor your pet's location, and track their activity

This smart collar will monitor your pet's activity to help keep them healthy, can track their location via GPS should they run off, and can even detect AFib.

It connects to the Invoxia app, where you can subscribe for a monthly fee to track your pet's whereabouts.

Belkin Qi2 & DockKit Auto Tracking Stand

Finally, Belkin had a new array of Qi2 devices on display at Unveiled and the first product to use Apple DockKit.

All three of Belkin's new Qi2 batteries
Belkin has Qi2 battery packs in three different capacities

It is offering three new Qi2 battery packs that have ranging capacities and built-in kickstands that work vertically or horizontally.

The popular BoostCharge Pro has been updated with Qi2, giving it a new sleeker look and USB-C power. It now has an adjustable puck instead of a fixed one.

The Belkin Auto-Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit stole the show, though. It pairs to any phone running iOS 17 with just a tap via NFC.

Testing the Belkin auto-tracking stand pro with MagSafe
Belkin's new stand uses DockKit to automatically track users in 360-degree space

Once connected, it gives you a little bow and locks onto your face. It supports up to 10 users with the current version of DockKit.

You can move quickly all around thanks to its 360-degree range of motion. It is able to tilt up and down and works with the front and rear-facing cameras in portrait and landscape modes.

It will be available very soon for $179.99.