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MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Studio: top Mac rumors & 2024 timeline

Mac rumors indicate big changes for the lineup in 2024

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Apple's Mac lineup is set to dazzle in 2024 and beyond, with rumors of a larger iMac, a powerful M3 Ultra chip, and an OLED MacBook Pro. Here's what the rumor mill believes.

The landscape of Apple's Mac lineup in 2024 and beyond is shaping to be expansive and innovative. From the MacBook Air and Pro models poised to embrace the M3 chip's efficiencies to the Mac mini's more powerful internals, Apple's roadmap has something for professionals and casual users alike.

2024 rumors for MacBook Air

First, Apple is rumored to be transitioning the MacBook Air to OLED displays, potentially as early as 2024 or 2025. The switch is expected to improve the display's power consumption, brightness, and lifespan.

The MacBook Air might feature a single-stack OLED design instead of the tandem stack rumored for other Apple devices, offering benefits like enhanced contrast ratios and increased power efficiency over current mini LED backlighting solutions.

It's rumored that Samsung will be the manufacturer behind the OLED screen for the upcoming MacBook Air, as LG is occupied with producing OLED panels for the iPad. However, it's not expected that this will lead to a new design for the MacBook Air's casing.

Apple typically uses the same design for about six years, and since a new design was introduced for the MacBook Air in 2022, a change in the near future isn't likely to happen.

A MacBook Air on a white table displaying a vibrant abstract swirl wallpaper with a login prompt labeled 'Andrew' and a fingerprint icon.
The MacBook Air might feature a single-stack OLED design

Next, an early 2024 release is anticipated for the 15-inch MacBook Air equipped with the M3 chip, following closely after the M2 version. The upgrade will likely target owners of M1 and Intel Macs, positioning the M2 MacBook Air as the new entry-level option.

2024 rumors for MacBook Pro

Apple is rumored to plan a MacBook Pro with an OLED display by the end of 2024. A report suggests the move could allow for thinner and lighter MacBooks and potentially introduce more diverse form factors.

OLED and Mini LED are two cutting-edge display technologies, each with its own set of advantages.

OLED is known for its superior contrast and ability to display true blacks by allowing individual pixels to turn off. As it excels in color accuracy and viewing angles, this makes it ideal for high-end smartphones and TVs.

On the other hand, Mini LED backlighting uses thousands of tiny LEDs to provide localized dimming zones, enhancing brightness and HDR performance without the risk of burn-in. It's better suited for environments with varying lighting conditions and users prioritizing longevity.

While a late 2024 MacBook refresh is plausible, it may be quite late in the year, if only to give more breathing room for the M3 updates Apple introduced at the end of 2023.

2024 rumors for Mac Studio and Mac Pro

The Mac Studio is on the brink of an exciting upgrade, with rumors forecasting the introduction of the M3 Ultra chipset around mid-2024. The new chip will theoretically significantly surpass Apple's hardware capabilities, leveraging TSMC's advanced 3-nanometer process technology.

The expected introduction of the M3 Ultra in the Mac Studio indicates Apple's intention to improve performance and efficiency in its high-end computing offerings. However, speculation about the future of the Mac Pro in light of these advancements hints at a potential shift in Apple's strategy towards high-end desktop computing.

Close-up of a Mac Studio computer's top with embossed logo, showing circular design and vent grill texture.
The Mac Studio is on the brink of an exciting upgrade

The focus is on integrating cutting-edge technology within the Mac Studio lineup. Though possibly without a concurrent refresh of the Mac Pro.

The release of the Mac Pro, with it having a very limited potential pool of customers outside of people wanting bragging rights, led to speculation that the Mac Pro launch was fumbled. This is due in part to the Mac Studio offering the majority of the functionality, including performance, while the Mac Pro saw considerably reduced functionality compared to the highly-upgradable Intel version.

2024 rumors for Mac mini

The design for the 2024 Mac mini is expected to remain unchanged from the current model. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that similar to his predictions about the 2023 Mac mini, the 2024 version is likely to retain its existing form factor.

The rumor follows Apple's pattern of maintaining the Mac mini's design, which was also true with the model launched in 2023.

Outside of exterior design predictions, the rumor mill for the Mac mini has been fairly quiet. There is the potential for incremental internal upgrades, such as the M3 chip generation, but even that is based on the previous release history for the model.

Whatever Apple does will likely enhance the Mac mini's appeal as a powerful yet compact desktop solution for users.

2024 rumors for iMac

For the iMac lineup in 2024 and beyond, Apple is expected to introduce significant updates. A 24-inch iMac refresh is anticipated for 2024, while a new, larger 32-inch model is forecasted for 2024 or 2025, depending on the rumor you believe.

What we do know is that Apple27-inch iMac with Apple Silicon.

The larger rumored 32-inch iMac would be the biggest in Apple's history, indicating a shift towards more expansive, high-end displays for the desktop range. These updates align with trends in the industry towards higher-quality, larger displays for professional and consumer use alike.

An iMac with a minimalist setup including a keyboard, mouse, water bottle, and headphones on a white desk.
The design for the 2024 Mac mini is expected to remain unchanged

While specific details about the hardware specifications of these upcoming models remain sparse, they will most certainly feature the latest iterations of Apple Silicon, like the M3 chip or beyond.

As we look toward the future, it's evident that Apple's Mac lineup is evolving in exciting ways, promising users an unmatched blend of performance, design, and utility. Whether through the MacBook range's portable prowess, the Mac mini's compact versatility, or the iMac's impressive display offerings, Apple continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in personal computing.