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Apple teases new iPad Pro & Air event with multiple animated logos

Three of the Apple logos being used to promote the May iPad event

Alongside its main logo promoting the forthcoming iPad event, Apple's homepage is rotating through half a dozen variants.

When Apple announced its May 7, 2024, event where it's expected to launch new editions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro, it did so with an image of an Apple logo featuring an Apple Pencil. That remains the event image, and it's the only one shown on Apple's event page, but the company's homepage is showing more.

CEO Tim Cook has also shown off an animated video of the logos and transitions between them on social media.

It's an unusual move for Apple, but not unprecedented. In 2018, it did a similar promotion for its "There's More in the Making" event for the iPad Pro and the Mac.

Three artistic interpretations of an apple logo in vibrant colors and unique textures on a white background.
Three more Apple logos being used to promote the May 2024 iPad event

In that case, different versions of the Apple logo were seen first on invitations. Apple then began its event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music with a brief run-through of the main versions.

While that event also featured the Mac, it was a significant launch for the iPad Pro. It was the first time that an iPad had been released with Face ID instead of a Home button, making it the first all-screen model.

The smaller iPad Pro was also boosted from 10.5 inches to 11 inches. Plus it and the larger 12.9-inch model switched from Lightning to USB-C charging.

Based on the primary Apple logo being used for the event, there appears to be a new Apple Pencil coming. That, too, resembles the 2018 event as that introduced the Apple Pencil second generation.