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Apple makes breaking your new iPad's screen a little less painful

AppleCare+ logo atop an iPad

Buyers of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro now have an option with AppleCare+ to get broken screens replaced for just $29.

The new low fee is the same one that Apple has been running for iPhones since 2018, and it comes with the same condition. Specifically, the screen can be the only damaged item, and any other damage is charged at $99.

In this case the AppleCare+ option is also solely available for the new 11-inch an 13-inch iPad Air and iPad Pro models. Other iPad models remain on $49 per screen repair, even under the AppleCare+ insurance.

As spotted by MacRumors on Monday, having to pay for a screen repair without AppleCare+ is liable to cost as much as replacing the iPad. Prices vary depending on the specific model, but the range is from $449 to $999.

In comparison, AppleCare+ for the new iPads starts at $79 (or $3.99/month) for the 11-inch iPad Air. It rises to $169 ($8.49/month) for the new 13-inch iPad Pro. So, you break one screen during the warranty period, and you come out ahead.

It's surprising that Apple didn't make a big deal about this when it launched the new iPads. But then it's also surprising that it can be economic for Apple to replace the new OLED iPad Pro screen for less than thirty bucks.

However, it will be economic because Apple would not otherwise lower the price. It's a sign of the company being confident enough in the strength of its iPad screens that it's taking a bet that the number of broken screens will be fewer than the number of sales it makes by offering this new price.

Back in 2021, AppleInsider examined just when AppleCare+ would or wouldn't be worth buying for an iPad owner.